General Checklist List for Pre-start and Starting up the Centrifugal Pumps.

General Checklist the Essential Steps and precautions for Pre-start and Starting up the Centrifugal Pumps.
# What’s the things you Should be attention physically?

# General centrifugal pump start up procedure:-

Before pump start-up you must perform these tasks:-
*01.  Open the suction valve , do priming by venting all the air inside the suction line by opening any vent or even the PG vent till liquid coming out then close , now you confirm no air inside the system to reduce the chances of pump getting cavitation

*02.  Open any re-circulation or cooling lines.

*03.  Fully close or partially open the discharge valve, depending on system conditions.

*04.  Start the driver.

*05.  Slowly open the discharge valve until the pump reaches the desired flow.

*06.  Check the pressure gauge to ensure that the pump quickly reaches the correct discharge pressure.

*07.  If the pump fail to reach the correct pressure, perform these steps:
        a. Stop the driver.
        b. Prime the pump again.
        c. Restart the driver.

*08.  Monitor the pump while it is operating.
       a. Check the pump for bearing temperature, vibration, amp/load and noise.
       b. If the pumps exceed normal levels, then shut down the pump immediately and               correct the problem.

*09. Repeat steps 7 and 6 until the pump runs properly.