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The Steam Turbine, Classification Of Steam Turbine And How It Works?

steam turbine.
Steam Turbine.

The turbine is a mechanical device or mechanical mechanism that converts thermal energy to mechanical/kinetic energy. In Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Power Generation, Ammonia, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing Industries, the steam turbine is used as the driving system or driver. Such as a steam turbine used to drive a  power generator in the power plant.

# Purposes Of Steam Turbine:

01. In industry, the steam turbine is used as the driving system or driver. Its drive Compressor, Pump, Blower, Fan, Generator, etc. 

02. The steam turbine is used to generating electricity at a power plant.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Types Of PPE.


The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is primarily designed to protect workers at work or in the workplace from various hazards such as Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Physical, Electrical, Mechanical are other workplace hazards of injury or illness.

The use of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) depends on what kind of user works and what type of risk the user is in. Such as an electrician using his workable Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), again using a doctor's PPE, where the electrician and the doctor are free to work. Doctors are trying to prevent and control the current Coronavirus(COVID-19), only to ensure that 100% of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) is available to physicians only if they can play a leading role in treating coronavirus patients.


What Is Filter? Types Of Filters.

A filter is a mechanical device that separates solids from liquids and gases, this method is called filtration, and the device by which this method is performed is called a filter.

The process in which the filter is regenerated is called the backwash and the backwash is done by high-velocity water or high-velocity air from reverse to the filter.

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